Well here's the quickest rundown about me, boring but informational...

First and foremost, I'm mom. Yes, it's cliche but it's the most important responsibility I've ever had. It's the one "job" that would make me drop everything else if I had to.

Wildflower Studios: The most precious little nugget of success, passion, and artistry combined. As a co-owner of a photography studio, Wildflower is my main income and most demanding/rewarding.

Retro Expo: An idea brought to Muskegon, inspired by other vintage markets I've attended as a vendor and a shopper. It's three events per year, hosted at the Farmers Market.

Minty Vintage: A fun, creative blog and vintage booth within The Front Porch and traveling to markets such as the Retro Expo. (I REALLY have bigger dreams for the Minty name but that's a five year plan.)

Mena & Charm: The newest venture (still in the works) I'm a partner of featuring Boutique Furniture Rentals in one of Muskegon's prettiest wedding venues, the Century Club Ballroom.

I also do freelance marketing on the side when I get called to various projects. I'm a Baker graduate with a Marketing degree.