Taking Time Off...

by Alison Updyke

Maybe I'll call it a "mental health hiatus" for awhile. I just need to step away and get my mind right. Sometimes, you can feel a weight upon you and you're not sure what it is to make yourself feel better. I think I'll ease up my workload and focus on myself, my family, and other projects that need my attention. 

It's not that I am feeling unfulfilled in this very insignificant blogging endeavor, I just want less pressure on myself. I don't like indulging in such matters too much so we will leave it at that. 

*Please note: I still have a booth at The Front Porch and I will still have one at the Retro Expo.*

Overalls are from Amazon (here) and they are perfection.

Farewell for now and Happy Father's Day. 

That's What Sea Said

by Alison Updyke

Summer is close enough to here and we've already made several trips out on the pontoon. It's supposed to be nearing 90 degrees this weekend! That's my kind of weather. 

DID YOU KNOW that sleep rompers are a real thing?! I found this particular one in the sleepwear section at Target. Yes, it's unfairly short with bloomer ruffles but it's freaking adorable. It was only $16.99. 

The plan this summer is to finish the house, have a hearty garden, and spend the evenings on the boat or by campfire. I am currently growing asparagus, cauliflower, jalapeños, tomatoes, some cherry trees (already grown), cabbage, and cucumbers. Fingers crossed that I can eat at least one item from it this year. 

Shoes are from Buffalo Exchange and if you haven't been to the one in Chicago, please just skip the massive Forever 21 and go over to Milwaukee Ave. You will not regret it.