New Year's Eve in Puffy Sleeves

by Alison Updyke

New Year's Eve events always sneak up on me after the holidays and I'm always left scrabbling for an outfit. This year, we are attending an 80's themed party. To combine my want for pretty and puffy, I decided to customize a party dress I previously had by adding taffeta sleeves. And by I, I mean my mother. She's an awesome seamstress and is always helping me out days before with alterations. 

Doesn't she have the cutest house?! 

With a total of $13 on fabric and elastic from JoAnn's, I'll have some ultra 80's sleeves!

Since I was already using her for her sewing abilities, I had her snap a few photos of my outfit today. Once again, mostly impractical for winter but I'm only really outside for a total of 2 minutes (in and out of the car) so, whatever. 


I'll share some party photos on my next post so be sure to stop by Unruly Brewing and say Hello! For more details on the event, check out the Facebook page here.