A little introduction...

by Alison Updyke

I'm not a fashion major, certainly not a writer, but I love expression through personal style.  After selling my own clothes on Craigslist and yard sale sites, I grew tired of meeting people every day to do a quick deal. While I was making some extra cash, it was incredibly inconvenient.

I decided a long time ago, I needed to be my own boss. (It's not you, it's me). I have control issues, obnoxious expectations, along with being a complete pain in the ass. ANYWAY...I wanted to open my own store. It literally took years to even figure out what would keep me happy for the long haul. And since I'm saving my adoption free-range doggie farm for retirement, here I am in the first steps of running my own boutique.

In all seriousness, if you're curious about my background and what the hell makes me even remotely qualified to operate a business...go here.

Yay! My first post. It's full of cringe worthy grammatical errors, I'm sure but I type like I talk and I can be one big run on sentence with a lot of ... (pausing) ... because there's distractions.

The plan ahead for the blog is to share outfit choices based on terrible weather and fun parties and just random shit I like to try out. In addition to shopping my own closet of used clothing, I will seek out vendors and supply new, adorable clothes in multiple sizes of whatever the heck peaks my interest. There will also be a pretty legit vintage section as soon as I can gather enough retro goodness in my inventory.