Kayleigh & the 3rd Floor

I hope this will be the first of many guest models/friends for my vintage clothes! I really love to open people up to the idea of how gorgeous and well fitted vintage clothes can actually be!

Today, I borrowed Kayleigh and a few dresses from the collection and went up to the third floor of our studio! (She's one of the three Wildflower photographers...yes, a shameless plug!) 


Both of these dresses are from the Early 60's. While Kayleigh was prancing around the building for me, she decided she loved the Red Floral Dress so much, she bought it! It looks stupendous on her so I'm glad she did! 


The Serbin Polka Dot Day Dress can be found here for $20.00! Did I mention this dress has pockets?! I'll be adding more to the Vintage Shop this week, women's sweaters and a PONCHO! 

Alison UpdykeComment