by Alison Updyke

It's been almost two weeks since my last blog post, yikes. But if you are friends with any photographer, you'll hear us cry about how October takes over our lives...


This clothing selection was chosen for a particular event about a week ago. Wore this to the King CrabappleMustard Plug show (sans vest because sweaty). We didn't intend to go to the show but our road trip plans fell apart with a bum camper so an in-town date worked out well! 

The military vest was from a thrift store. I cut sleeves off of everything like I'm Daisy Duke hemming her shorts. Leg warmers/tights from Target and the shorts are Express. 

ha, i hate the wind. 

ha, i hate the wind. 

Leg warmers pulled up to the thighs. I feel like this is functional in the cold and totally looks like I have thigh high socks on or really tall black boots in a dark bar with drunk friends. 

Oh and this child of mine. He steals the outfit thunder every time. It's totally fine by me. Tim gives me reign over dressing him which is awesome because I've always fancied men's fashion. I'm sure eventually Law will dictate what I buy him but for now, he's under my code ;)