I'd Rather Be Antiquing

  1. Start driving in the general direction of where you want to end up
  2. Copilot searches weird stops through the passing cities. 
  3. Have a vehicle large enough to bring home a couch, clothes, store displays, and a christmas tree holder. And maybe that giant fiberglass pig.

There is a historical railroad bridge in the little town of Hamilton that included a quaint park, perfect to park and sleep overnight in the RV. Alas, when we arrived the park was closed for construction. 

The next morning we decided to head down by foot to add some B&E to our morning. (I ain't speaking of bacon and eggs here, folks.) It was worth it and no harm was done. We successfully sightsaw and found some great junk places. 


I wore a thrifted wool sweater with lined tights and tall socks. (clearly a staple to my wardrobe). I've just never been a fan of plain jeans. The scarf gave me some color, the outfit was a little bland without it.

There's more photos of the random pieces we found on my Instagram. Happy trails!

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