My Stinky Hat

It might be stinky, I'm not really sure. I have had this hat for about 4 years now. It's my FAVORITE. At first I thought it was obnoxious but I've grown so used to wearing it as I drive around with what looks like Tina Turner hair. 

The hat that has been borrowed, lost, spilled on, stepped on, and it lasts. It's like the apparel version of a child's blankie. 

Anyway, I think Target has a bunch on sale. I don't remember where this furry little creature came from but it doesn't even matter. (The hat, not the kid).

Also featuring my thigh high boots (DSW) and my wonderful Christmas present from my sister, my badass leather jacket (Wilson). 

Photos at Hackley Park, taken by Kalaina.  If you haven't brought your tiny humans there, do it soon! And grab a Hazelnut Cubano (featured) from Drip Drop Drink. 

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