All Hail the Hoodie

by Alison Updyke

When the temperature drops, I stop trying. More often than not over these few months, I shamefully wear my favorite hoodie ALL WEEK. Just the other day, I met up with my pal Amanda and I take off my jacket and she eyebrows my sweatshirt and says, "Really Ali?" The thing clearly needed to be washed. 

Why though...why is this seemingly basic (American Apparel) hoodie my all time favorite over the course of five or six years? I compiled a PRO's and CON's list to help identify my obsession. 

Oh, and it can be bought here. 


  • It's durable. Granted, I'm on my third one but that's over several years and multiple days a week wearing/sleeping in it. 
  • It's warm. I'm not sure if it's the fleece but it gets the job done.
  • It's form-fitting. Most sweatshirts are too wide or the sleeves aren't long enough but this little puppy covers all my weird body needs.  
  • It's simple. No crazy stitching, graphics, sparkles, pompoms, nothing...The hoodie can be dressed up or down because it is so minimal. 
  • The length. OH, my favorite part. I hate wearing pants so this is perfect with leggings. 
  • The price. This is dependent on what you'd spend on a hoodie, I suppose. But considering my use and that it seconds as a spring jacket when I throw on a vest with it, it's worth the $44.00.


  • It is one size fits all. When I had originally bought this, I was able to try it on in the store so I didn't even think about that being an issue. But returning to the website to replace my first navy one I wore the pocket off of, I noticed that. Here's the kicker though. I have referred multiple people to the sweatshirt and it hasn't been a complaint from them so maybe American Apparel figured that shit out, who knows? 
  • The head hole is tight. After having perfected my hair one day and wanting to throw on my hoodie, I knew it would make a giant mess of my curls. I snipped a little part between the drawstrings and it's perfect! I also have this in black and haven't cut it yet but I'm sure the day will come. 
  • The hood is average. I like a little give to my hood and this one is kind of fitted to my head. This is probably just a weird personal preference but it's your standard pullover hood. 

I wanted to thank Kayleigh for letting me borrow her Cranberry version. I swapped her my black one so I could get some better detail out of a lighter shade. If you are looking for an end all to sweatshirt shopping, check out the "California Fleece Pullover Raglan Hoodie Dress". That's a freakin' mouthful.