Channeling Style Icon: Zooey Deschanel

by Alison Updyke

Whether you know her as Jessica Day from New Girl or female vocals from She & Him, Zooey has got some adorable style. I admit, I can't own the chestnut bangs and wear collared dresses every day like she has. However, if I want to be classy(ehhh) and not look like a total prude then I will always gear towards her for guidance. 

Pulling straight from my closet of what I already owned, I put together a casual Zooey outfit based on the above ^

Not completely off mark, amiright?! So happy to have that crap dirt snow as my scenery...should've thought about that earlier.

Anyway, here's some more shots and pretty much a piece by piece layout in case you want to go for it! 

Alrighty this is the simple breakdown that most ladies already own:

  1. Black Tights
  2. Cotton Shorts (I used simple yoga shorts that fold over the top, so comfy!)
  3. Colored Striped Long Sleeve (screw it, go for solid if it's what you have already)
  4. Flats! Any flats really work! 

For more fancier Zooey styles, check out my Style Icon Pinterest board! I look forward to replicating more of my favorite ladies from here! I can't wait to tackle Debbie Harry!