Blooming Black

Closets filled with black. Many of my pals swear by this color and it makes up a large majority of their wardrobe. (Gray is my go to!) 

You don't have to be all rainbows and butterflies about spring if you just aren't into it. I found some helpful tips to looking a little less Wednesday Addams about the sunshine. 

Here's to rocking black in the spring amongst aisles and aisles of pastels. 

1. Lightweight Fabrics - try avoiding thick and heavy material. Not only is it starting to get too warm for that, you'll look too warm in the bright ass sun. 

2. Show Some Skin - Whether you go with black shorts or a tank, OOooOOo maybe a little black flowing dress...letting your skin breathe helps you look like you aren't hiding from the sun. 

3. Hair Up or a Hat - Lift and brighten your face by pulling your hair back. You can also throw on a fedora or a floppy hat for function and accessorizing! Probably avoid beanies if your going all black on a sunny day. 

hey booger butt, get out of the frame! 

hey booger butt, get out of the frame! 

4. Heels or Sandals - Let's just say, they are better than the alternative. Flats? Eh...Tennis shoes? Neh...Boots? Not unless it's pouring! 

Again, these are mere tips for all black outfits this spring. I don't wear this color enough. I love the simplicity of it. It's classy, not depressing! 

OMG I ALMOST FORGOT...This is the location of where my booth will be for the Vintage Street Market in Grand Rapids! I'm Booth 37 at the Downtown Market on Ionia! I'll be sharing dates and details as it approaches but I'll have so much vintage clothes and goodies, you need to visit! And bring me a red bull??

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