Rihanna Inspired Style

RiRi! She's just, woman. I love LOVE her style. She can be so many things but always confident.

Elegant, sexy, casual, quirky...all of her. <3 The moment I realized I was inspired by Rihanna's style was when I saw the "What's My Name" video. I had an instant woman crush and have appreciated all her fashion choices going forward. 

So my feeble, tight-budgeted outfit tried to include items that she seems to favor. 


Transparent Blouse

Thigh Highs/Boots

Oh! And the outfit breakdown in it's entirety. I thrifted that skull blouse, owned the lace bra underneath, bought the acid wash skirt for an 80's party last year, and just some black boots and socks! 

Alison UpdykeComment