Fancy Pants

by Alison Updyke

They are everywhere! These colored pants for men and women fill the racks right now. Seriously, this is a post that should serve well to BOTH genders. (I don't mean to leave you fellas out, I just know women's fashion better!)

My lazy approach to colored pants is to pair ANY color with a white or black shirt. You really can't go wrong and it is still a great match can like, upgrade your outfit so much more than that! 


I made this little diagram on what color tops to match up to your colored pants. When I wore pink with my green ones, I felt daring. I felt like I was really put together. The effort shows!

Use the pants as your base, the tops can obviously interchange between genders. It's really the colors that match up so great. Sidenote: the denim top with the red can pretty much go with any variation of pants I've noticed.  

If I missed a color, let me know! Maybe I own a pair and can showcase some options? I love helping people out so feel free to message/text/email me with questions!