by Alison Updyke

I had all my clothes off the racks and on my floor in preparation for the Vintage Street Market last Sunday. I didn't have the time or resources to carefully select an outfit to blog on. I thought that would actually be a great topic. My every day. My..."I didn't plan this but still trying to be put together" outfit. 

A really great fitting pair of pants is everything. These gray pants from GUESS are my ultimate favorite. I wear them for going out, for working weddings, they are flattering and flexible. 

Simple black top and black heels to pair it. My hair was done so that helped pull it altogether. (See! I'm learning to try harder with that) I'm kind of sad that my shirt was longer in length because my ass looks phenomenal in these pants too. (Part of the reason I love GUESS so much)

The market went exceptional. I was surprised to see how many people my age appreciated vintage clothes. People were trying on stuff right there, snapping photos, and purchasing items! I was thrilled! It rained and was gross but it's only going to get warmer so, stop out for the next date, June 14th!