Damsel in Distressed

by Alison Updyke

Shirt falling apart? No problem! Do you want your shirt to fall apart?

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I love loose fitting shirts. I love soft, hole ridden, shirts that look naturally old. This little gem started gathering holes from the wash...HOT water setting, HIGH HEAT dry. That will help breakdown the fabric if you want to make it progress each time it's worn. 

Don't mind that derp face...I have a painful sty. I cut two slits up the side so I can tie it with high waisted stuff. Otherwise, I'd wear it loose with a pair of leather leggings to look like a total badass. 

Here's ways to distress your own normal shirt!

Try sandpaper. A sandpaper block with the shirt stretched over a hard surface then circle motions will start to weaken the fabric and create holes! 

Cheese grater: Use this (sparingly at first) on the neck hole and sleeves. I usually cut off the bottom hem of a shirt so it rolls a little more loosely but use it there too! 

Bleach: I have yet to bleach one of mine but combining bleach and water in a spray bottle before your high heat wash/dry will also add that worn out affect. 

Salt water: Brine your shirt in salt water for a few days after you've gotten your holes in it! ONLY brine it if you want it softer, I don't suggest this if the shirt is already thin. 

I'm aware a lot of this info can be found on good ol' Pinterest but I'm solidifying it's truth! Oh and a helpful tip: 

*Use a bigger sized shirt than normal. All that heat will cause it to shrink plus, a tight shirt with holes everywhere...isn't really the achieved look here. 

My purse is from Target, right here! I get a lot of compliments on it so just in case you dig fringe and macrame, have at it. I tied knots at the end to shorten it a little. Plus free shipping because it's over $25.00 when bought online. Sweet deal, guys.