Farmer's Market Love

Tuesday's are my market days because I typically shoot weddings on the weekends.  I go get myself some coffee and stroll down to the market. For the full experience, Saturdays are where it's at. They have food trucks and live music, vendors with art and plenty of homegrown goodies. 

My shopping list usually includes the produce I've skipped out on during a grocery trip. I will sneak in some fresh cut flowers or succulents here and there. Other local items you may not have known you can get at the market:

  • Jams/Honey
  • Succulents/Air Plants
  • Jewelry/Art
  • Pizza
  • Candles
  • Cheese/Meat
  • Coffee/Loose Tea
  • Bread/Pastries

It's not JUST fruits and veggies! Plus there's a splash pad around the corner on the hot days for the kids. You can grab an ice cream or watermelon by the slice and hang out for a bit. 

Check out the infographic below on how community spending is important. It has many economic benefits and shows how much of your dollar is kept local.

At the Vintage Market in Grand Rapids this past weekend, I spoke with a woman who told me she heard Muskegon was doing some great things. Let's keep the momentum going! For more information on the Muskegon Farmer's Market, check out the page on Facebook! 

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