Salon Series: DREADS

Did you know Dulyea's does dreads?! For real, it's worth it. If you're considering this hairstyle, go to a professional and I'll tell you why...

Tim (my husband) and I spent around three weeks trying to dread his hair at home. I watched Youtube videos, read all sorts of instructions, he bought combs and products that all failed us. I consider myself pretty logical when it comes to DIY verse using a pro and I honestly thought we could handle this.

However! Today was the day! Tim's hair went from fro to fabulous. 

During the discussion with Barb Dulyea (salon owner and dreading diva) we learned much about the process and maintenance of dreads. 

  • Ideal hair length to start dreads is a minimum of 4 inches
  • Patience. It can take 3 - 4 months until the dreads are fully established
  • Maintenance is key. Make a few visits back during the first several months to tighten the base and get the loose hairs back in.
  • Fully drying dreads is important. Don't sleep on them wet! 
  • The home maintenance is important too. Separate them, roll them, keep them clean.

Yes, there's a place to go to get your dreads done. I was able to watch this transformation happen in a day. Four hours to be exact! Beats the hell out of three weeks of trial and error! Dulyea's charges by the hour to do a full head of dreads so a consultation would be best to know how long and how much. They also offer single dreads at $13 a piece!

Alison UpdykeComment