Jana: International Differences in Style

For those who are my Facebook and real life friends already know about our surprise visit from Jana, our exchange student from three years ago. The experience we had with hosting was really incredible and we know that without a doubt it was because she was such a good fit for our family. Jana lives in London but was raised in Lithuania and she's always welcome home. 

A: What is the biggest difference in American style/fashion from anywhere else? 

J: "Americans just prefer different items all over but it's hard to point it out because the style in Michigan is different from what's in New York." 

A: What clothing items or accessories do you like in America that aren't available elsewhere?

J: "For sure, Moccasins. As well as American hoodies. They fit differently, more cozy. It's an American thing. All the thrift stores and vintage stuff is different than Europe. London has standards on what they collect but its a bigger variety here." 

A: What is the worst part about shopping in America?

J: "It's difficult to find smaller sizes. Quite often, there's nice stuff but finding it in my size...I cannot." 

A: Name a big trend in London you aren't seeing here.

J: "Too many people in London wear crop tops but not many people are here. It seems like we have a lot more hipsters. People dress more vintage in London, it's a big trend." 

"A lot of artists like to dress in all black, really minimal with straight cuts. It's not like that here with artists. I don't think it's a general trend just a code for artists. All my course mates (colleagues) dress really simple. It's a trend to do that. I think it's a futuristic style. Clean and simple. Cos is a really good example of what people are wearing. I don't see this in America." 

Of course, she's able to pull off mauve everything. Her different shades and textures as well as accessorizing made this outfit flow. I think it's lovely. Check out her nails too! 

Heading to New York City for her last stop in America, Jana leaves tomorrow. It's amazing to think how much has changed in the three years she wasn't here but even more amazing that we can pick up from where we left off. 

I think we need to go to London. 

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