White is my Confident Color

White is the red of my wardrobe. They say (Wiki says too): 

"The red dress effect is a phenomenon in which people wearing red clothing, such as a dress, are perceived to be more sexually appealing than they are when wearing other colors. This effect is thought to act, although its effect can be large."

Not the sexual appealing part, Im not that vain but that it's empowering. When I wear all white, I feel brave. Brave that I won't spill shit all over me. Brave that I wash my clothes like an adult. Brave that my monthly visitor won't...you get the idea. 

And these gold shoes! They are from Salvation Army. This whole outfit makes me feel like Iggy or Kreayshawn or MIA, as close to badass as I can get anyway. 

The Vintage Street Market is this weekend. Sunday, from 10am - 4pm if any of you want to come visit the lovely place called Downtown Market in Grand Rapids. My Etsy Shop has just a small percentage of what I sell at the market. There are much larger and much simpler items to gawk at...and maybe buy. 

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