The Bipolar Days of Fall

Every struggling day of autumn consists of one minute it's sunny and the next its windy, chilly, and cloudy. Hoodies are the best, clearly. But usually throwing a sweatshirt on pretty much forces you to give up on the outfit that was already planned pre-hoodie. 

Just try it on with your outfit before you head out the door, even if it's 75 degrees!

Ways to make your hoodie look planned all along:

  • Vest: Put the hoodie arms through the vest holes before you throw it in your bag/car. Then you just put it all on at once!
  • Length: If you are wearing a long shirt/dress with leggings, get an extra long hoodie (as pictured) so it keeps the same look as before with more coverage
  • Fitted: Cute pants you don't want to cover up? Get a nicely fitted hoodie so it's not sloppy.
  • Scarves: If you are needing warmth, add a scarf with your hoodie too so it's more put together!

I'll admit, this has really been the only thing on my mind as far as blogging about clothing. There's lots of exciting things in the works and not much time as of now to hike to pretty locations with pretty clothes. Maybe in another week I'll try harder ;) 

Oh! But seriously, the sexiest fall pieces in my opinion...transparent tops with a flattering (but decently covering) bra and/or tall socks!

Happy Saturday!  

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