Over Labor Day weekend, like many, we took off for some vacation time. I still had to work (although it hardly felt that way) shooting a friends wedding in Virginia. 

We started in Cedar Point, then crashed some hotel where we drank a little, played cards, and ate pizza. It was a simply great time. 

After that we ended up at House Mountain Inn, where our friend's wedding was located. It's equivalent to an all-inclusive cabin in the woods. They nailed it in wedding planning. We stayed two nights so I wanted to make sure to utilize the scenery for a post.  

I didn't wear this skirt for anything other than these photos. It really is a "special occasion" skirt. It was made by my mother, who again, is incredibly talented. 

If anyone wants one custom made (measurements and color options), get ahold of me! It's the best thing ever. Bridesmaids, costumes, birthdays, for real...

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