Eyelash Extensions

When I saw Jillian advertising for eyelash extensions, I had to jump on the deal she had. Jillian is certified and working at Hair.itage Salon in Downtown Muskegon. She is offering now until the end of January, $200 off your first appointment.

That means, it is ONLY $50 for your first appointment and the fills are $50 each visit thereafter.

Before on bottom, After on top

Before on bottom, After on top

I am on week two of mine and even though I have seen a few come out while brushing them or when I wake up in the morning, they don't appear any less full. I honestly cannot feel the extensions, and I haven't worn mascara on the top lashes at all! 

The process is rather relaxing too. You come in, fill out a questionnaire and sign a waiver. You then get to lie down and cover up with a blankie, where it's private and cozy. You can bring in headphones or talk Jillian's ear off like I did. 


Listening to her explain the process and watching while she applied them to someone else (Thanks Jen!) I can say, she's like a damn artist with these things! It's tedious and time consuming but the end result is exactly as wonderful as you think it would be. 

So now it's time to call Hair.itage and set up your appointment with Jillian Cherry before the end of January (that rhymes).  231-747-1000




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