A Vacation Rental in Muskegon

For some, it's still hard to grasp that people actually come to our beautiful beaches to escape. The homes over here in Bluffton by the pier consist of many vacation rentals. When the weather was getting colder, we took to some new ideas for a place to stay and came across this one on HomeAway.com. 

The night before we moved in, a bachelorette party actually stayed here from out of town. When I first walked in, I looked at this place with new eyes. New eyes for Muskegon, for the beach, the sunset, and was genuinely impressed. 


With the window cracked, you can hear the waves (con: sand blasts through the screen if it's too windy lol). I suppose the only thing that weirds me out is ALL THE SEA decor. We are Lake Michigan. No seashells, no coral, no salt. Is it in some secret society that any cottage on the lake must be adorned with beachy everything? I'm not complaining, just...observing? 

I suggest giving it a whirl if you find yourself needing a place to stay for six months. But probably during the off-season (October-April) when the rates dip significantly. Or if you want a neat "staycation" idea, it is superb to have our stellar sunsets right outside the window. 

Oh, and here's the house building progress: 

Alison UpdykeComment