You're Standing on My Neck

Daria was the best sarcastic, cynical cartoon that I am thankful to have a part of my teenage years. And who didn't cartoon crush on Trent Lane?

If you aren't familiar with Daria, it was a show that played on MTV in the early 2000's. This shirt has the logo of their tabloid "news source" Sick, Sad World. 

I bought this shirt on Etsy and cut the sleeves off. I went back to find it for the link and the shop is no longer operating. But here is another version. There's a few options if you just search "Sick Sad World" on Etsy. But maybe I'm the only one who misses the show this much.


My hair was curled with a 1/2 inch barrel iron right before bed. In the morning I woke up, separated the curls, added some volumizing powder, and teased it a little. While the color isn't where I want it to be, I still like it. Have a super Monday and here's this: 

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