Embrace Messy Hair

Upon discovering Flexi-Rods, I've stayed away from the curling iron for quite some time now! I love the volume and the length of time these curls have. I buy mine from Sally's, here.  My hair goes through about 40 rods to get this tight of curl. (These curls are on Day 4!!) 

Here's my process:

  1.  Don't have freshly washed hair but wet hair.
  2. Spray some type of mousse, I use Sea Salt Spray. 
  3. Finger width sections of hair wrapped around one rod. 
  4. Do all your hair while wet and sleep on it. 
  5. Take out when they are dried in the morning.
  6. Separate the curls with your fingers. I lightly brush through as well because I like the frizz. If it gets too frizzy, add in some coconut oil to bring it back. 
  7. Style! So many options! 

This shirt was given to me by my badass, rave going cousin, Kaleigh. I love LOVE it. Thanks again! <3 And I bought the high waisted shorts from Charlotte Russe for St. Patricks Day. I think I will return for another pair in black. I love them too! 

I run out of posing ideas sometimes. Anyway! Here's the curls in a bun without an actual ponytail because my hair texture just lets me tuck it away! Seriously, worth a shitty nights sleep for days of effortless hair. 

Alison UpdykeComment