Red (Lipstick), White & Blue

I may be slightly early on sharing my patriotic outfit but I had free time and a badass woman with a talent. Thanks, Kayleigh! I really loved this set. 

One of my favorite parts of the 4th (besides our Independence) is how so many rise to the occasion and wear some prideful colors. I usually pick two of the three and accent with the other. 

When Kay pulled up she said, "where's your red?". And so, I subtly added as lipstick. I have been ACHING for a pair of half star, half stripe leggings. Next year, I guess. 

This is actually a bathing suit. It's also a size XL from a popular cheapo site, how basic of me. Regardless, I would link it but it is still too tight and this is why I now wear it as a onesie. I was clearly uncomfortable trying to model this as an actual suit, ha! 

The flowy blue skirt is from Sparrow Boutique in Norton Shores. They're always on top of the holidays for outfit selections so stop in there and see their selection! 

I cannot WAIT to celebrate! 

Alison UpdykeComment