Local Purchase - Messenger Bag

In high school, all four years, I had the same tan Dickies messenger bag that I LOVED. My needs then was to have places for my patches and pins, while being a neutral color to match everything. My needs now are the ability to fit a camera or laptop, an outside pocket for my phone, and a snap closure. 

Michael Villanueva, brewer/musician/artist, had a talent I was told about while discussing my need for a new bag. I checked out his Instagram (@_michaelvillanueva) and knew that I had to have him handcraft me one! 


After a short conversation, we discussed the dimensions, colors, material, and cut I wanted. I was able to customize the entire thing! Michael worked quickly and with quality. I am throughly impressed with my satchel. 

Before you consider dropping cash on a bag that you wish had a certain pocket somewhere or a different shade, think about how it can be made FOR you and is one-of-a-kind. AND you are keeping money local, truly the best part. 

Send Michael a message and he'll give you a quote! 

Alison UpdykeComment