This Weekend: Michigan Irish Music Festival!

All the textures! Sweaters, flannels, knits, and acrylics! If you're wondering where to find wears, the Minty Vintage booth at The Front Porch has a decent inventory. This is just in time for the 60 degree nights, when everyone has been itching (no pun intended) to put on some wool sweaters. Or, at least for this weekend! 

Beeecaaaause it's time for Irishfest! Tasty foods, drinks, and delightful music make for the perfect end to summer. I just genuinely enjoy the atmosphere out there. For more MIMF information, go here

I've gathered some friends to be my models to show what is available at my booth and the styling options with today's apparel. This seemed like the perfect weekend to introduce the fall pieces I've collected. Enjoy the garments and maybe you'll feel inspired to wear one out to the festival. <3 

Alison UpdykeComment