Two Teeny Product Raves!


Happily only wearing one of the products in these pictures! But I'm just going to lightly touch on both and share a video that better displays them. I'm no vlogger and that's for the safety of everyone. 


So let me just say, the fact that it stays in place is the biggest pro. I do my eyebrows now BEFORE bed. Shower, brows, bed. Since my mornings are usually rushed, I don't worry about shaping them and if I put a little foundation on them by accident, its an easy swipe over to touch up. Here's a great example of the application using WUNDERBROW:


This is for your period. One day, I was reading about womanly health and on several occasions, tampons were always suggested to cause health risks. I already DESPISE them and after forgetting to pack one for the last freakin' time and stopping at a gas station to make sure I had back up, I thought...I'm trying an alternative. After all, I spent 18 years (18 omg) using tampons and BUYING them. 

I bought my cup at the Health Hutt in Muskegon for $30 and seriously, get the right size. There's the "childbearing" size and the "barely legal" size. Honestly, you have to be kosher with getting some of yourself on your fingers for practice on removing the cup. To not get into all the details though, I'd be happy to answer more questions about my experience either in the comments or elsewhere. This video explains the usage of THE DIVA CUP:

So that's it folks! Two teeny product experiences that I am pleased with in the last month. 

Alison Updyke1 Comment