Finding Friends Along the Way

There's never an easy way to just befriend a stranger. It usually starts by someone else introducing you and then they become a friend by association. How do you bypass a second party introduction? 

Facebook, (cliche much?) has really opened up the door for me in meeting new people. Sometimes, I see an acquaintance asking if anyone wants to grab lunch. If you're free, why the hell not? Is it too much work to get to know someone? Do you know where your life will be in 10 years and if that person could be your most loyal friend? Maybe your only friend. 

What about when you see in your newsfeed,  "If someone could bring me a coffee right now..." Do you bring a coffee if you can? It shouldn't matter how well you know that person, sometimes it just makes sense. People enter our lives to make us learn things, grow, to understand humanity better. I feel we all have a responsibility to change someone's life on accident. 

I've asked a lot of questions. 

Jennifer Reyes, of Jenn Marie Photography, had plans for a professional shoot that was postponed. On her end, she asked if I still would like to meet. A part of me thought, a free morning now! But honestly, I wanted to meet her. It was nerve-wracking waiting to introduce myself to a complete stranger but it was worth it. 

The afternoon filled itself with conversation, plenty of jokes, and realizing just how many people we both know! I don't know where her and I will be in 10 years, it doesn't matter. Today, we both made the effort and are having a happier day for it. 

How does your presence make another person feel? Are you warm? Are you kind? Open your heart to others, try. For fuck's sake, try. 


Alison UpdykeComment