Stay Positive

We leave for vacation in 11 days but the responsibilities here are making it REALLY difficult. We adopted our sweet baby dog a week-ish ago (after we promised we'd wait until after this trip) but the timing came as it did and we ignored our words. 

Now, we sit patiently with her in vet care on day three hooked to an IV waiting for Parvo to remove itself from her tiny little body. I feel like, are we irresponsible for leaving so soon after her (hopeful) recovery? 

I'm trying to stay positive. Stuff like this effects me deeply and I obsess over the steps we took that brought us here. Could this have been avoided? Am I to blame? 

We made a trip to New York last weekend to scoop her up from an adoption center that uses a courier service to transport "euthanize-threatened" puppies from Alabama (and other Southern states).  If that makes sense, it's wordy but whatever. Over twenty-two hours of driving was a wicked long trip!

Anyway, this blog was supposed to be with her in the photos. Today, I figured I'd write about her, just in case. <3 

Alison Updyke2 Comments