Blog Takeover: Superieur Brand

I love collaborating! After picking up some vintage threads from the pop-up shop at Vintage Green, the blog takeover began. Featuring items from Don-Ed's America, I always love showing ways I'd style vintage pieces.

Here's a bit of history about the brand: Superieur Brand started as a t-shirt company in 2013, that has/had Michigan-specific graphics. Like any other creative, more was added and tweaked to the homegrown company.

The owner, Todd Truman, plays in a 70's-inspired country band which inspired another line of tees within called Don-Ed's. This is a throwback to names like Billy Bob and such to have a vintage selection mixed into their inventory. The clothing style gravitates towards Americana, western, Hawaiian, military, bowling, just classics. Hence the name, Don-Ed's America.

You can find out where their next stop will be for original tees and vintage goods HERE. And for that Americana aesthetic, follow them on Instagram @superieur_brand. Thanks Todd! Another thank you to Kayleigh Green (Wildflower Studios) for the images and keeping that film grain look to match his.

This was like playing dress-up and my heart was happy. 

Alison Updyke1 Comment