Learnin' & Earnin'

I'm a busy-body who doesn't like to sit and wait for things to happen. If opportunity knocks, I'm usually the first to say, yes and figure out the details later. I've learned a lot about being self-employed over the years like dealing with opposing personalities (not my beloved Kayleigh) and the fluctuation of income. So what do I do?

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Through disappointment, feeling uninspired, pointless, and wanting to go back to a normal routine of work, I know failure feels like it's only a week away. But what's even better is that success feels like it's always a day sooner. Expectations set too high on myself and others and execution lacking, sometimes I wonder why I decided to be self-employed. The reward though, oh...knowing you've accomplished the goals YOU set with your own discipline, it's wonderful. I guess there's been a lull happening these last few months that has inspired me to write about the terrifying unknown of having a career like this. 

I find myself asking for understanding. I make my own hours but I can't always walk away from what I'm doing. Like others who work a 9-5, I need time to complete what I'm doing to get paid. I've had to say no to many things I've wanted to say yes to, simply because time is so valuable.

I find myself asking for support. This is the biggest thing that I have realized with other people...sometimes they get it and sometimes they don't. There's nothing wrong with clocking in and clocking out, leaving your work where it is and resting at home. But for me (and others), it never shuts off. Support can be understanding schedules, helping on small tasks, or spreading the word of a persons business. Even by simply being happy for that person in their endeavors is support. Don't be a curmudgeon watching a friend sacrifice party time for work time. They have a vision that needs your endorsing so the freedom can return for them ten fold. 

In the course of 10 years of working for (not with) other people, I have realized one thing about myself: I am most happy working on a career that I am passionate about and gaining immediate gratification for.

I'm not going to explain the hard personalities I've encountered along the way (I thought I would but...I'll save that for another post.)  Really I just need to say thank you to those who have been there, shared in the experiences, and stick around.

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