Dark Places

Today, I forced myself to do my hair and makeup. It's Day 8 in the camper and I'm already feeling cabin fever. Where is my happy place? In the winter, it's always home on the couch with tea or coffee. In the summer, it's on a porch or the beach. Right now, in this 50 degree "Spring", well...I'm not so sure. 

I've buried my angst away in work. From picking which shade of blue makes it on the walls (Midnight Ink) to photo shoots and collaborations. This weekend is the Retro Expo! That's been plenty to take my mind off of sprinkling the bedside with a powdered sugar/Borax concoction...ants.

But who am I to throw such a pity party. I feel geeked with making so many decisions about what my happy place can become and creatively, I've never felt so free. Although, I wasn't given the patience of a pebble so time ticks until we move in. 

This backless, long sleeve dress is from Tobi.com and my black ankle boot wedges are Nine West from DSW. Lipstick is NYX Siren!