Taking Time Off...

Maybe I'll call it a "mental health hiatus" for awhile. I just need to step away and get my mind right. Sometimes, you can feel a weight upon you and you're not sure what it is to make yourself feel better. I think I'll ease up my workload and focus on myself, my family, and other projects that need my attention. 

It's not that I am feeling unfulfilled in this very insignificant blogging endeavor, I just want less pressure on myself. I don't like indulging in such matters too much so we will leave it at that. 

*Please note: I still have a booth at The Front Porch and I will still have one at the Retro Expo.*

Overalls are from Amazon (here) and they are perfection.

Farewell for now and Happy Father's Day. 

Alison Updyke1 Comment